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When I consulted an orthopedic doctor as an active 43-year-old, I assumed the relentless pain in my left hip was a flare-up of the bursitis that had plagued me throughout my collegiate soccer career. When the x-rays showed advanced, bone-on-bone arthritis and I was told by the doctor that joint replacement was inevitable, I was crushed.

Shock and denial gradually gave way to acceptance, but I still struggled with committing to the surgery. Then came the day I was frozen with pain simply standing up from a chair.  For the first time in the many long months of powering through, I broke down. The cumulative, yet somehow sudden, realization of the compromised quality of life I had been enduring caught up with me and it became clear - a moment the doctor assured me would come - that it was time. I went for a second opinion and scheduled the surgery that week.

While I don't subscribe to the everything-happens-for-a-reason school of thought, I do believe that each difficult situation we face in life yields an opportunity to create something positive from it.  Over the course of my recovery, I noticed a deficit of inspirational products for 'bionic' orthopedic patients. It also struck me that, despite the obvious challenges, this life-altering experience had surprisingly been defined far more by positivity and empowerment than by anything else. This, I decided, was a notion worth celebrating.

And so was born the idea for Officially Bionic.

Younger or older, physically active or not, experiencing a debilitating orthopedic issue is a test of one's spirit.  I am humbled to have navigated a version of this journey and reclaimed something lost - both physically and mentally. It somehow feels like, well, a badge of honor.

Officially Bionic celebrates journeys of orthopedic empowerment through a fun line of products and the birth of an inspirational movement.  

Simply put, our Mission is to show the world - one patient at a time - that going bionic is, above all, an empowering experience worth celebrating.

So, let's get to it.


Jennifer Jakubowski

Founder, Officially Bionic